(GEORGETOWN, Del.) - Pip The Beach Cat has become quite the celebrity in Ocean City, but he strives to entertain and serve communities beyond the boardwalk. The social media star is building a strong resume in volunteering.

Pip was eager to get out of his bubble Tuesday morning and mingle with the adults in two day programs at Easterseals in Georgetown.

Patsy Bolden, who attends the day program, is just as eager to see him. "He can do tricks for us and he's sitting up there enjoying himself and I guess he can't wait to get out of that bag and come out here," she says.

Director for the center's adult day program, Kate Antisavage says Pip's visit is a good source of entertainment for those who come here. "One day program serves adults with acquired physical disabilities in seniors and one day program serves adults with intellectual disabilities," she explains.

Pip volunteers 3-4 times a week. He visits nursing homes, schools, and developmental centers to do his kind of animal therapy.

Pip's owner, Emily Meadows says their type of therapy is a little bit different than what a traditional certified therapy cat might do. Pip is still too young to become certified. "Ours is a little bit more interactive," she says. "We bring presentations, we bring videos, so we watch these fun videos together and then Pip usually gets out of his bubble and he gets to do his tricks and interact with everybody."

Pip has risen to stardom in his early life, but his mom Emily wants to harness that fame and help him use it to give back.

"We needed to make it somethig meaningful and so people still make fun of us for having a famous cat, but at the end of the day, we're doing something good with it," says Meadows.

Meaningul this visit is for those at Easterseals. Seeing Pip's orange coat fills Patsy with warm memories of a cat she once owned. "I love cats, I used to have five and the last one I had, his name was Garfield. That's why I was looking at him. He's the same color he was," she says.

To contact Pip or learn more about him, visit his website https://pipthebeachcat.com He's always looking for more opportunities to volunteer.