REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.- In the wake of Joe Biden announcing his presidential campaign, local businesses in Biden's vacation hometown are recalling experiences with the former Second Family.

Dos Locos owner Mit Patel says Biden's announcement is exciting, and remembers Biden's last year visit like it was yesterday.

"We served him ice cream because some customer told us like Joe Biden likes ice cream," Patel tells WRDE. "I give him like three to four different kinds of dessert and he stands up and he served different tables."

Across the street, Browseabout Books co-owner Steve Crane says Biden comes in frequently to buy the paper, and had a memorable experience just last week.

"We have these mugs now that have Joe Biden on them," he says. "As he came in, [our manager] said, 'How would you like to have a cup of joe?' and held the mug up, and he goes 'Matter of fact that looks a lot like me!' and he bought a mug."

Crane says regardless of political views, Biden's run is exciting for the state.

In Lewes, Dairy Queen owner Ashley Diehl says Biden and his family are kind customers and take pictures with her employees.

"They want to be just like everyone else and not anything fancy," she says. "Just super nice."

Casapulla's Subs in Rehoboth Beach was just one of the businesses who posted pictures with Biden on their Facebook page Thursday. Food Truck Manager Sarah King says Biden is a longtime customer.

"He was actually very friendly with Luigi Casapulla," he says. "A couple times he asked him to come to Washington with him and show him around, but I think he was a little bit older and it was hard for him to move around so they never went but they were friendly."

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