(ELLENDALE/MILTON, Del.) - A Virginia Beach woman is currently walking across the country. On Wednesday she made it to Sussex County and took a break in Milton that afternoon.

Angela Maxwell is on a year-long journey to walk across the country. WRDE caught up with her on Route 16 in Ellendale. "We started in Lincoln Memorial in D.C. and we're heading up to New York City," she explains.

Her mother Sue is along for the east coast portion of the trip and she even brought her chihuahua. "About three months is all she can take of me and then she drops me off in Tennese," she says.

The two set off from the Lincoln Memorial Last week and by this afternoon, they made it to Milton.

"My mom and I have both been blown away," says Angela, but she's not talking about the windy weather. She is thankful for the amount of people who have taken her and her mother into their homes and who have donated to the cause she walks for.

Angela is walking to support victims of sex trafficking. "My goal in walking across the U.S. is to raise $100,000 to build a shelter that is where there is girls who have been saved from sex trafficking and to prevent them from being sex trafficked, so it gives them shelter and education," she explains.

Angela actually started walking around the world almost five years ago. She's originally from Virginia Beach, so this is her homecoming.

"Even after five years of walking around the world, being back in the states, there's so much generosity and being back in the states is beautiful," says Angela.

To learn more about Angela's journey or to donate to help her help victims of sex trafficking, click here. To track her journey, click here.