Lewes - A potential dune at Lewes' Beach 1 is not the cure for flooding according to a former DNREC administrator. "All the flooding comes from the canal side," Tony Pratt who is a Lewes resident said. "Even in the 1962 nor'easter waves did not take over the Lewes' beach.

City officials including Mayor Ted Becker and Manager Ann Marie Townsend held a workshop at the Public Library to gage interest in creating a dune. A new dune at the Beach 1 location would eliminate one of its appealing attributes, the ability to have a view of the Delaware Bay from the parking lot .

If a dune is to be developed, it would be by the natural accumulation of sand that occurs by simply leaving the snow fences in place. "At some point vegetation would stabilize it," Townsend said. "We would not look to truck in sand to the site."

The snow fences were removed this month in the ramp up of the summer season.