FENWICK ISLAND, Del.- As Fenwick Island contemplates extending parking hours, the town's Business Development Committee weighed in on the idea during their meeting Wednesday morning.

Some business owners, like Ropewalk's Chris Reda, worried that extending paid parking by two hours could push away customers.

"We want to bring people in let them see how great the town is and experience the town how it should be," he says. "Not worrying about their parking apps and getting nickled and dimed for every little thing."

Reda suggested using empty lots--like the Farmer's Market--for overflow parking.

"I think it's a win-win for everyone. The lot owners as well as the town gets revenue off that."

Warren's Station owner Scott Mumford hopes the town keeps the current hours, but says if a change needs to be made, he hopes the town and businesses find a compromise.

"If we do need to put employees in the side streets, I think it's silly to have to buy a permit in order for them to park for just two hours," he says.

During Wednesday morning's meeting, myriad other ideas were discussed, such as adding sidewalks throughout town. Reda proposed a walking tour of Fenwick's shops and restaurants, and others mentioned adding on to First Friday campaigns.

Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Lauren Weaver says bringing the business community together is key for success.

"Unification really helps create change and just make sure that they are being advocated for," she says.

Weaver is optimistic for Fenwick's business future.

"The town has been more than willing to make concessions or look into other options," she explains. "Always coming with a suggestion is better than coming with a complaint."

The town's government previously told WRDE that business input was necessary before any decisions were made. What's more, an ad-hoc committee is being proposed in Fenwick Island.