(LEWES, Del.) - April Showers may bring May flowers, but tulips are already blooming in Lewes. Months of hard work has paid off for Lewes in Bloom and now more than 100 varieties of tulips can be found across town for the 10th Annual Lewes Tulip Celebration.

The celebratin began 10 years ago with 3,000 tulips. Now 20,000 tulips bloom across Lewes thanks to Chief Horticulturist, Warren Golde, and other members of Lewes in Bloom who started planting them in October. The group tries to time their planting so that the tulips will bloom in time for the Chamber of Commerce to hold the annual celebration.

"They're a few days late this year, because we had, not really a cold winter, but we didn't have any warm weather," Golde explains.

Despite the weather, the tulips are here in time for the 10th annual Lewes Tulip Celebration. Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Besty Remer says some tulips just opened up last night.

"Some of them are mid-blooming and some are late blooming, so if people come between now and the 14th of April, they're likely to see tulips," says Reamer. That's how long the celebration runs.

Golde says more than 100 varieties of tulips are on display in parks throughout the town. "1812 Park, Mary Vessel's Park, they're at the Cannonball House, over here in Zwanendale Park, there are some in Stango Park," he explains.

In Zwanednale Park, Lewes in Bloom spent the first Saturday of the celebration selling potted tulips to attendees like Irene and Ed Fick of Lewes who have been coming for the past several years. "We're going to put one inside and one we're going to put on the front porch in a container garden," says Irene.

It was the first tulip celebration for the Lewes Beekeeping Club, a group that Linda Rancourt says seeks to help the bees in a time of need. "Our intention is to draw attention to the bees and also to the challenges they face that and encourage people to plant pollinator friendly flowers in their gardens," she says.

Inside the Chamber of Commerce, some tulip lovers stay warm while taking a look at this year's photography contest. These photos will be on display until April 14th.

Also at the Chamber of Commerce are maps that lead the way to all of the locations the tulips are planted in throughout Lewes and all of the events that take place during the celebration. For more information about the celebration and it's festivities, click here.

Once the tulips are done blooming, the public will be invited out to Lewes in Bloom's Tulip Dig on April 26th. There they will be allowed to help dig up the tulips and take the bulbs to plant in their own yards in the fall.