LEWES, Del.- A library kiosk is creating controversy in one Lewes neighborhood.

Near the entrance to the Villages of Five Points, the Lewes Public Library installed a box where patrons may take or leave a book to read, along with two benches and a concrete slab. The Villages' Property Owners Association says it denied the library's proposal, and the library installed it anyhow. Now, the HOA is fining the library over $6,000 for the wooden structure.

In a letter to homeowners, Villages of Five Points Board President John Eikren says the land the kiosk was on was donated to the library years ago for the express purpose of building a library facility. Eikrem fears that by building the kiosk the library--who built its current location in downtown Lewes instead--will sell the lot it sits on.

"If the library, by way of this box, were able to prevent the parcel from reverting back to the Villages of Five Points, we would lose control of what happens to this valuable property," Eikrem writes. "Instead of the grassy open space, we could see an unsightly commercial building that would spoil the view of our pond and add to traffic congestion."

Library Board President Hugh Leahy declined to comment on the matter, but told WRDE the library looked forward to an "amicable conclusion" to the situation.

Some Villages of Five Points Residents are fans of the kiosk, like Cristina Beglet.

"A lot of people are sharing their books which is great because sometimes you just read

a book and forget about it and put it on your shelf," she says. "But this way you share. It's nice."

Others say the library was out of line for installing it without permission.

'This is all planned development and we all have to meet architectural approval," explains Ginny Gritmon. "I hope the library does the responsible thing and takes it down."

The kiosk is located at the corner of West Austin Street and North Village Main Boulevard and open to the public.