(DEWEY BEACH, Del). - Financial controversy deepens in Dewey Beach as the town looks for a way to move foward after their auditor resigns. Dewey beach is now looking for a new auditor. The town recently learned weeks within the end of their fiscal year that their auditor had resigned.

In a letter to the audit committee, dated February 19th, 2019, TGM Group, LLC terminated its professional relationship with the town. Mayor T.J. Redefer and Commissioner Paul Bauer say the town has learned about TGM's resignation within weeks of the end of their fiscal year, which ends on March 31st, 2019. The group has served as the town's auditor since 2014.

Redefer and Bauer are disappointed to see the group leave. They say the Dewey Beach Audit Committee was caught off guard when TGM resigned shortly after the committee voted to keep them through the end of this fiscal year and feel as though their resignation stems from being accused of missing accounts.

Bauer questions if TGM had the information and didn't know what they were supposed to with it or if the town did not provide the information to them in the first place. "Then you have to ask the question, you know, is this an honest omission or is this fraud on the town's part? We need to check into this deeper," he says.

The audit committee is working to get a new auditor scheduled as soon as possible. Audit committee member, Bill Stevens says that the chair of the committee has prepared a request for proposal to go out to potential auditors.

Stevens says the committee will will be reviewing that RFP during Saturday's meeting to make sure that it has all of the contents and all of the issues they would like to have addressed. "We'll send that RFP out in the next 3 to 4 weeks, collect the information, evaluate it, and then provide that information to the commissioners," he says.

The meeting will be held 10 a.m. Saturday at the Dewey Beach Lifesaving Station.