BETHANY BEACH, Del.- A piece of Bethany Beach is missing, and locals are "counting down" until it's home.

The boardwalk clock is being refurbished at its factory in Ohio. According to a post on the town's website, fourteen years of sun, salt, and sand have simply taken a toll on the timekeeper.

"I was down here last week and I saw them working on it and it was taken away," says Mary Barnickle. "I was really disappointed because it is an icon here and everybody always looks for it."

Turtle Beach Cafe Manager Tristan Smyth says they've had many customers come in asking about the clock.

"It's one of those things you don't even think about until it's not there," he tells WRDE. "It's like 'What? I miss the clock already!'"

The clock has only been gone for about a week, but it's already sorely missed.

"It's just part of the scenery when you go up to the boardwalk," says Lesley Shuey with Bethany Beach Books. "You are used to having it there so, there's something missing."

The town says the clock should be back on the boardwalk in mid-May.