SELBYVILLE, Del.- The Indian River School District will ask the taxpayers once again to fund a new high school and classroom expansions.

After the district's most recent referendum failed, Superintendent Mark Steele says the district has removed the current expense portion that would have funded curriculum and employment costs, among other things.

"We really have taken a look at finance and we believe that we can cover the current expense portion by putting together a savings plan over the next four years, credited to the increased tax reciepts we are seeing in our school district," explains Steele. "We think we can put that money aside and have the money to open up and maintain that school."

Without the current expense, Steele says the new referendum proposal would cost taxpayers less.

"For the average taxpayer what that would do would bring down the highest cost value of the referendum," he explains. "[It] would be in year four about 68 dollars, followed by the next five years a reduction of 22 cents."

Steele says the district intends to be more specific with taxpayers this referendum, and will target areas with low voter turnout. He says the referendum is necessary now because IRSD's certificates of necessity (which greatly improve the chance for state funding) run out on June 30th.

"When we come out to ask the taxpayers for money, it's not because we want the extra money. It's because we need the extra money," Steele says. "We have zero control who comes to our door, zero, but we are obligated by law to educate all students."

Steele anticipates the new referendum will be held in May.