MILFORD, Del.- A bovine break out has become a viral moment in Milford.

Around 9 a.m. on Tuesday, Patrolman Patrick Karpin was dispatched for an incident on Wilkins Road and Elks Lodge Road.

"We got called to an obstruction in the roadway deterring traffic," Karpin explains. "It was described to be a white in color subject with black spots, approximately 500 pounds."

Karpin says when he arrived on scene, the steer had been steered to safety.

"To my luck, the farmers had already apprehended the subject," he tells WRDE. "[It] was taken right back into custody and placed behind bars where it belongs."

The Milford Police Department had some social media fun with the call, posting it to the department's official Facebook page. Hundreds have commented and dozens have shared the humorous post.

"I think at a time like this, police work is sometimes frowned upon and I'm happy to be a part of something [to] show you the other side of police work," says Karpin. "That police officers--we are actually human. We have a comical side too. So when you get a call at nine a.m. that there is a cow obstructing traffic in the roadway, it kind of brings a smile to my face and makes me laugh and I'm thinking to myself, 'Wow this is going to be one of those calls.'"

The cow was not injured during the escape or capture, nor were any humans.