(GREENWOOD, Del.) - A windy start to the week brings down powerlines and has people holding onto their hats.

Delaware Electric Cooperative's operations team is well-prepared. They met up on Sunday to discuss their plan of action. Despite Monday's strong winds, the co-op puts their normal amount of trucks out on the road.

Around 1 p.m. on Monday, Vice President of Operations, Jesse Spampinato tells WRDE that they had seen 19 power outages across Kent and Sussex County since 4 p.m. the day before. Those outages impacted 1,142 members.

Spampinato says they had the same amount of trucks as usual out on the road Monday. He says they just had to divert some of their line crew to their bucket trucks to support the additional outages.

When strong winds started to roll in Sunday afternoon, the operations team met to establish a game plan.

""They talked about what was predicted to come and then how to organize our trucks and who has what truck and what locations to best suit. In this kind of an outage, statewide, basically you just make sure the trucks are ready to roll," Spampinato says.

Spampinato says if you see down power lines, leave them along and call 911 or the Co-op directly.