BETHANY BEACH, Del.- A Bethany Beach street is set to get a safety makeover.

At the town council's most recent meeting, the council unanimously approved recommended changes to Collins Street, chief among them creating a pedestrian pathway.

Mayor Lew Killmer and others said the recommendations--which also include adding speed bumps and stop signs--will help make Collins Street safer. Killmer says the road has become an alternative route to the beach.

"A lot of people especially in the summer time are concerned about being on 26 and the other issue is in the summer time, the traffic on 26 slows down," he explains. "People who know the town say 'Well let me go on Collins, maybe I can get there faster.'"

The recommendations faced backlash from neighbors, who expressed concern for property values and the necessity of the project.

"I am just appalled that this is continuing to go on and nobody seems to be listening to anybody on Collins Street," Debbie Vest told the council. "There are other issues here. Collins is not your problem."

But Killmer says the council wanted to improve Collins Street before any potentially tragic accidents took place.

"It's been an old issue," explains Killmer. "I know people say 'Why now?' My point is when do we do it? This is the time for us to do it."

Killmer says the project will be put in place before next year.