(DEWEY BEACH, Del.) - In a Commissioners Meeting on February 9th, 2019 discussions into the after effects of the military surplus investigation continue. The investigation itself, though closed months ago still leaves the Dewey Beach Commissioners looking into the most beneficial way to move forward in the coastal town.

Commissioner Bauer is still suspicious that the town traded equipment to cover expenses such as the demolition of Seasons Pizza and wants to know exactly who was involved and who made the deposits into the restricted police account. "One of the transactions that had happened is our Season's Pizza and I've uncovered two things. One is the surplus equipment that we traded a $72,000 forklift for an $18,000 demolition job," he explains.

Commissioner David Moskowitz adds, "If Dirt Works is looked at, Coastal Towing, which got hundreds of thousands of dollars in bartering would also be looked at. You should not just do one, you should actually look at both."

Bauer's plan of action is to be hands-on in looking further into the case with the help of Commissioner Cook and Town Manager Scott Koenig. However, Moskowitz believes that an outside auditor would be best suited for the job of finalizing this case.

Regardless of how this case proceeds, in moving forward the current government of Dewey Beach want's to be more transparent to the public than any of their predecessors.

The town is also moving forward by selling off any equipment from the program that the poilice department does not currently use. They hope to have this done by April 11th. They do plan to stay active in the program, but they won't purchase any new equipment.