GEORGETOWN, Del.- The Food Bank of Delaware is giving back to those still feeling the brunt of the recent government shutdown.

On Friday, a mobile food pantry was set up at the Crossroad Community Church in Georgetown, ready to serve 500 people. Food Bank President and CEO Patricia Beebe says typically mobile food pantries feed 100-200 people.

"There's a lot of uncertainty on the part of people and we know as an organization that we have just been receiving all kinds of great free product," she says. "We just want to get it out as quickly as possible because we know people need it and that's our job."

Delaware's February SNAP benefits were issued early due to the government shutdown. As a result, the Food Bank of Delaware says some people are experiencing a two month gap between benefits. With another government shutdown possible next week, mobile pantry recipients like Jackie Daigle say the current help is critical.

"The benefits, we don't know if they are going to last throughout next month with the government possibly shutting down again," she says. "So we don't know if there's any more help available so this has just been such a blessing."

Staffers and volunteers from Chesapeake Utilities helped fill cars with large portions of meat, milk, eggs, beans, starches and even sweets.

"It feels good to put a smile on a face," says Chesapeake Utilities Public Relations Manager Justin Mulcahy. "It feels good to know that you are helping the community and as folks come through you can just tell that there's a need."

The Food Bank of Delaware is hosting identical mobile food pantries in Kent County and New Castle County soon. The first is on Friday February 15th at the Calvary Church on Lebanon Road in Dover. The second is February 22nd at the Canaan Baptist Church in New Castle. Both events begin at 11 a.m.