(BRIDGEVILLE, Del.) - Bridgeville Firefighters save more than 40 lives in one house fire, except none are human. Crews race into a blaze in Bridgeville around 3 p.m. on Sunday afternoon and end up rescuing close to 50 snakes.

"We got a call saying that the house was on fire. We come back and we saw this," says homeowner Anthony Rogers.

No one was home while his two-story house that sits on Walnut Street in Bridgeville went up in flames. Firefighters ran into the Sunday afternoon blaze and were met with 47 snakes.

"The fire department came running out of the house like they thought it was a big deal. They're little 3-foot snakes," Rogers recalls.

The snakes were kept in 10 different rack systems on the second floor. Two of them didn't make it out and more could still fall victim to smoke inhalation over the next few days.

Ironically Anthony Rogers was at the Salisbury Zoo with his wife and kids when received that phone call.

"It was an electrical fire in the living room. They said they believe there was still old knob and tube wiring in the house," he says.

Rogers and business partner Brandon Welch are snake breeders for Chop Tank Exotics. They had moved some snakes to this house temporarily. Welch explains, "We were re-doing my facility with insulation, re-doing the walls, putting new rack systems in to make everything nice and neat and provide a healthier environment for the animals."

After the fire, the snakes were placed in pillowcases and tubs and transported back to the facility in Preston. "They breathe in oxygen, just more or less got to soak them and get them healthy again," says Welch.

Rogers and his family will stay in a camper in their backyard until their home is put back together.