REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.- After a swath of parking changes were approved, the city of Rehoboth Beach's parking committee is already making plans for the future.

On Tuesday, the group looked at future items for discussion and action, including adding a parking garage, special event parking, and online permit sales.

"It is a possible jitney or trolley system, what can we do about employee parking, what about disabled parking, do we have enough criteria, things like that," Committee Chair Linda Kauffman explains.

Kauffman says they'll continue to review the recently approved parking changes. She tells WRDE the committee will continue to work to find the best solution for the growing city's parking problems.

"It's important for everybody to note that this is a committee of people who work here, live here, own businesses here and it's not an outside group," she says. "It's people who are devoting their time and do understand Rehoboth and understand the problems in Rehoboth very clearly."

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