MILFORD, Del.- Ahead of President Trump's announcement temporarily ending the government shutdown, Delaware's congressional delegation visited one of the organizations feeding furloughed workers.

Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester and Senator Tom Carper visited the Milford location of the Food Bank of Delaware, meeting with volunteers, employees, and even civilians impacted by the shutdown.

"My takeaway number one is that we as a community in Delaware, we come together," Rochester told WRDE. "As I said in my remarks, they said 'we came here on different ships but we are all in the same boat now.' We get that here."

Food Bank of Delaware President and CEO Patricia Beebe says the outpouring of support has been huge, but a longterm government solution--especially for those on food stamps--is critical.

"If the 135,000 people in Delaware or the 70,000 households that receive food stamps know they weren't going to be getting them anymore, then we are going to have a problem on their hands," she says. "I am really concerned about what we are going to do as an organization."

Senator Tom Carper announced that he doubled his donation to the food bank recently, and stressed a desire to formally reopen the government Friday night.

"My hope is we'll vote to do that today," he told the crowd. "My hope is that Mitch McConnell will actually let us vote today to open the government back up."

Federal workers impacted by the shutdown need only to show a form of identification, and then will receive a trunk full of meals and snacks.

For more information on the Food Bank of Delaware, click here.