(MILFORD, Del.) - On days that Congress is not in session, Senator Carper makes rounds up and down Delaware. On Tuesday, January 22nd, he makes his way to Downtown Milford.

Representatives from Downtown Milford are working to grow the economy in the city of Milford. They took the senator on a tour of the historic Vinyard Shipyard. It's the last of its kind from Milford's days as a shipbuilding hub.

Carper wants to see Milford use the riverfront as the core of its re-development. He explains, "This is a town that's on the rebound and coming along very nicely. Part of the re-development is the riverfront. When I was Governor of Delaware, we re-initiated the riverfront on the Christina River in Wilmington and it's been hugely successful."

Senator Carper sees the riverfront in Milford as a miniature version of the one in Wilmington and he's looking into ways to help it reach its full potential.