LEWES, Del.- After months of meetings and two separate committees, the city of Lewes has found some parking solutions ahead of the summer season.

"We are looking at the possibility of creating some more angled parking, which might increase

the number of spaces available in downtown," says Mayor Ted Becker. "Perhaps some directional changes of streets. This is a larger project but I think we also have to make sure that we have the best possible signage that people understand where parking is already available so that we don't have a lot that is underutilized."

During a Thursday morning meeting with representatives from the beach and downtown parking committees, many people said it was important to be proactive with any parking solutions.

"The bottom line is that the more people realize that you could spend a half hour in traffic on Route One

and go someplace out there or spend a half hour circling for a landing like O'Hare airport here

in town, they may make different choices," says Dave Shook. "I would hate to see downtown suffer as a result of it."

During Thursday morning's meeting, the idea for a beach jitney service was tabled, as was expanding the beach lot. However, the city is considering a downtown shuttle service and adding parking meters on Kings Highway. Many people advocated for a parking garage, something Becker noted was expensive but was not ruled out completely. The city is also considering the feasibility of a parking permit system.

"As we increase the number of visitors, we are going to have continued problems with this or continued challenges to meet those demands," Becker tells WRDE. "I think having an ongoing committee we've admired this, or looked at it for a number of years and now we really must take some action."

A list of recommendations and parking solution ideas will be presented during Monday night's city council meeting.