SUSSEX COUNTY, Del.- As the government shutdown nears its third week, local brewers are feeling the brunt.

Craft breweries are subject to regulation by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (T.T.B.), which is subject to the partial shutdown.

Mispillion River Brewing President Eric Williams says without agency approval...Their new beers can't leave the state.

"If we wanted to release that out to say Ohio or New Jersey or Maryland or Pennsylvania we can't get that approved right now to do that," he tells WRDE. "So that is affecting our distribution."

Williams says the shutdown is also delaying the Brick Works Brewing and Eats opening in Long Neck. Similarly, Revelation Craft Brewing co-owner Harry Metcalfe says the shutdown is slowing their plans to convert the defunct 16 Mile Brewery.

"We are three weeks delayed," he says. "We're hoping to open in early spring, now it's looking like more late spring now. The longer that delays, it delays us because without the federal license there is nothing we can do."

Metcalfe says the shutdown could impact their clientele as well.

"Generally in Rehoboth there is going to be impact if this thing keeps dragging on because we are effectively a suburb of D.C.," he explains.

Williams suspects even after the government reopens, there will be delays due to T.T.B. workers playing catch up.

"It's a super competitive business right now and every dollar we can get helps keep our employees employed, keeps the ingredients flowing so the whole business stems on a myriad of things," Williams says. "So it's definitely affecting our future releases."