(REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.) - Transit U Incorporated and the Jolly Trolley is proposing a new shuttle service to the city of Rehoboth Beach. The main route would connect Grove Park, the Deauville Beach Parking Lot, and the South end of the Boardwalk to the Bandstand. The goal is to make transportation easier for residents and people staying in town.

Mayor Paul Kuhns explains, "It would allow people in the neighborhoods, whether they're renting or whether they live in the neighborhoods, not to have to get in their car to drive downtown or not to have to walk 10 or 12 blocks. It would make it easier from a parking perspective to maybe park 6 or 7 blocks away, get on a little shuttle, come downtown, and not have to worry about finding meters and or a parking space."

Many residents and businesses are on board with this proposed trolley service because it could free up parking and reduce traffic in town.

Kelly Munyan, Manager at Nicola's Pizza, sees how this method of transportation could benefit business. "That would help people, they'd leave their cars at the home, take the trolley, and be within walking distance. A lot of people will come in and say how long it took them to drive around and find spaces or we'd have people put their name on the list, we'd call them, they'd say I'm here but my other guests are all parking," Munyan says.

"I think it could help because of the traffic and I think at certain times it would do really well," says Donald Vanderslice, who lives just outside of Rehoboth. He says he would take the trolley service, but he recognizes one con. "You have an accident, you're going to be jammed up in traffic either way," he says.

Mayor Kuhns says the commissioners and streets committee still have to discuss exact routes, times, and stops, but in the long run he sees it providing a mass transportation system for the city. "We're only a mile square but I think this is a good proposal in front of us to move people around. It will be a while for us to discuss, but I think it's a great thing for the public to look into," says Kuhns.

If approved and implemented, this trolley service would operate from 10am to 10pm daily from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend. The cost would be $1 per ride or $3 to ride all day.