(MILTON, Del.) - One post-holiday tradition is well underway and it shows with an abundance of Christmas trees lined up at Grizzly's Landscape Supplies in Milton. DNREC is encouraging Delawareans to recycle their Christmas trees and reduce landfill waste.

DNREC Environmental Scientist, Adam Schlachter explains, "Yard waste takes up valuable landfill space throughout the state of Delaware. By allowing the recycling of Christmas trees, not only are we putting something back into the environment, because mulch is a good thing, but we're also saving landfill space."

Artificial trees, on the other hand, are not recyclable. "If you do have an artificial tree, make sure that it goes into the trash," Schlachter says.

There are five sites in Sussex County for residents to drop their trees off for proper disposal. Schlachter explains why prices vary. "Depending on the site, some of them do charge and some of them are free. Some of them have mulch as a line of business, so they're able to resell the mulch that they can grind their tree into," he says.

At Grizzly's, Christmas tree disposal costs $10. About 10 to 20 trees are dropped off everyday and loaded up for . Blue Hen Organics to take to their site for proper disposal. Owner of Grizzly's, Doc Grizzly says, "We are required to pay them to haul them away so we require our customers to pay the price. They have a big grinder that grinds them up into a mulch-like product and they use it in mulch and compost."

Most sites will be accepting trees until the end of the month. Grizzly's will take them until people stop dropping them off. They will also pick up trees from residents in the area for $20.

DNREC gives one reminder to ensure that no equipment is damaged during this process. "Make sure you remove all of the lights, the ornaments, any of the fake snow you put on it, make sure it is not attached to a stand," says Schlachter.

To find a Christmas tree drop-off site near you, visit DNREC's website: www.de.gov/yardwaste