(MILTON, Del.) - A new warning to Milton residents after some victims say their holiday yard decorations were tampered with overnight.

According to Brian Plummer of Pondview Estates, it happened Saturday night when someone came by and tampered with his outdoor Christmas reindeer.

"We pulled out of our driveway and noticed something was odd with our reindeer. When we looked they were in an inappropriate manner, changed around. So we fixed it, thought it was just a harmless prank, but we rode around the neighborhood and noticed there were multiple people in the neighborhood that had it done to them, as well."

Plummer says he knew it wasn't caused by the weather from the way the reindeer were inappropriately placed on top of each other.

"Our reindeer have stakes in them, so they definitely wouldn't have blown over and the way that they were placed on top of each other it definitely wasn't weather-related."

Jim Rowles, who lives around the corner from Plummer, says the same thing happened to him, except he had an inflatable Santa that was slashed.

"I came out here and noticed this was all laying down and I couldn't get it to blow up," said Rowles. "They had cut him there, two little holes there, and there was a big slice here and a big slice there."

Rowles says he's lived in Pondview Estates for many years and never had an issue with vandalism before.

"I didn't know what to think," said Rowles. "It just makes you feel like you're not safe with anything, to have anything anymore."

"First I thought it was a joke. You know, 'ha-ha, funny joke, we got done by a prankster,'" said Plummer. "But then when they got around and cut our neighbor's inflatable [Santa], I thought you know that's just kind of crossing the line. There are kids out and they're riding around looking at Christmas decorations and it just keeps them from getting in the Christmas spirit."

According to Delaware State Police, no other incidents have been reported; however, residents should always be on alert for suspicious activity anyway. If you noticed anything, DSP says to contact our local police department or Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333.