(DEWEY BEACH, Del.) - Every year, the Dewey Beach Lions Club invites Santa to breakfast so that he can check on who's been naughty and who's been nice. This year, they're also helping Santa out by collecting toys to ensure he has enough to deliver to everyone.

Different organizations that the Lions Club works with, like Attack Addiction,

are present to welcome Santa and help entertain the guests.

"We're making crafts," says Teagan of Dagsboro.

Clara, who's also from Dagsboro, explains "The Lions Club is helping us because they helped us raise a lot of money. We're helping them because we feel like all the kids that come here, we just want them to have fun on Christmas."

There's more to it than that, "We're going to help Santa," says Teagan.

Landon came all the way from Lincoln to see Santa. "It's important that everybody gets presents because it's Christmas," he says.

The children tell Santa what they want for Christmas this year and they can also use the letter station to mail him a list to the North Pole. However, they're also making sure that he has enough presents to deliver to all the good little girls and boys.

Melissa Clink, Public Relations at the Dewey Beach Lions Club, says "Each year there's a different theme as to what we work with as far as donations. This year is Toys for Tots."

Families place presents under the tree and all proceeds from this breakfast benefit Toys for Tots as well.

Clink continues, "In today's day and age, children need to learn that you have to give. It's not all about receiving things and there are other kids that are less fortunate than them."

The children learn that lesson by helping Santa give to others. Landon says, "I think it's nice that everyone gets a present."

Santa is thankful for all the help he's receiving. "There are kids, I can't get everywhere and there are kids that need some toys and that's what this does. It fills in the gaps. There are those that are a little less fortunate. We can help take care of that," he says.

There's still time to donate. Toys for Tots runs through December 23rd and the Lions Club in Dewey Beach will continue collecting toys.