(MILFORD, DE.) -Some Milford Business owners are ready for a big change on Walnut Street. The Owner of LTD. At Home Josephine Keir and the Owner of Gallery 37, David Pickrell support the idea of

Walnut Street in Milford becoming a One-Way Street. The One-Way street would connect from North Walnut Street to South Walnut Street to make Downtown more viable and more welcoming.

"When you have angled in parking it sends a signal that we are open for business and it is easier to get in and nobody knows how to parallel park," said Keir.

Pickrell agrees with Keir that angled parking is a good thing.

"Right now the concept of one-way would be an advantage to the merchants and to reduce the truck and trailer traffic," said Pickrell.

The business owners are passing around a petition, that has 50 signatures so far.

"We have a lot of support from customers and especially from the bakery and other busy stores and we are looking for signatures from business owners and property owners that we have been unable to contact," said Keir.