(REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.) - The week of Thanksgiving brings lots of traffic through the grocery stores as people seek out the best turkey and ingredients for side dishes that have been passed down in their families for generations. Local shops like Lloyd's Market in Lewes are fully stocked with fresh and frozen turkeys ready to provide for their customers until it's time to set the table.

"Right now everyone is gearing up. Monday and Tuesday we'll be in full swing. Lot of people come in for their turkeys kind of early. We probably order about 300 turkeys," says store owner, Lenny Pollitt. He feels confident that they won't sell out. They're even prepared to cater to last minute shoppers and cook turkeys for customers on Thanksgiving. He does have advice on other items to plan ahead for. "Fresh pies of course also is one of the things you've got to try to plan ahead on because they're kind of limited," says Pollitt.

Those preparing Thanksgiving dinner have their shopping lists ready and naturally, a turkey is at the top.

"Turkey, the turkey would be the first thing and then fill in all the rest," says Kathy Dreasen of Lewes. The turkey doesn't have to be the first thing to be prepared. "Pies may have to be first," Dreasen adds.

For families who don't have the time or money to spend, Epworth United Methodist Church is offering a free Thanksgiving dinner for all and it takes about a week to prepare.

Pastor Todd Shultz explains, "We'll will be preparing from now until Thanksgiving to prepare 700 meals that we will either serve here or we will deliver to people who can't get here."

Food Rescuer, Dotti Outland adds, "Monday we'll start boiling some of the turkeys. We have peeling of potatoes for two days."

"We have 66 turkeys and we have rescued about a thousand pounds of food that we will use, which will make up the entire meal," says Pastor Shultz.

There's a spot at the table for everyone. Epworth is welcoming all members of the community regardess of their religion.