(LEWES, Del.) - 2-year-old Rylie Maedler has just returned from Australia after speaking at the CannaTech conference in Sydney.

"I spoke about my experience as a patient with medical cannabis and I told people how it helped me and how it has made such a big impact on my life and other kids' lives," Rylie says.

When she was 7, Rylie was diagnosed with life-threatening bone tumors and she later developed a severe seizure disorder. She says cannabis saved her.

In 2015, Rylie convinced Delaware lawmakers to pass 'Rylie's Law' to allow children in Delaware to use medical marijuana-based oils to treat intractable epilepsy and dystonia. Now she's advocating around the world.

She says, "I just want kids to be able to live a normal and happy life."

Rylie was the youngest speaker at the CannaTech conference in Sydney.

"She blew everyone away. There were people sitting next to me in tears," says Debbie Kaye, who helped prepare Rylie to speak in front of the crowd.

In a video chat from Israel, Debbie recalls the impact Rylie's speech held. "When someone stands up and the story is so personal and so real, I think it's a real slap in the face to people to realize wow this is actually a real thing that's affecting children and adults."

Debbie is one of many who believes Rylie is changing the medical industry around the world. Many doctors were on the fence about medical marijuana but she is changing their minds.

"The more that people stand up and speak and talk about cannabis, as a medication, as something that can help people, the more effect it's going to have. There's a lot of steps until we get there but Rylie is leading the path."

After all of the positive feedback received in Australia, doctors around the world are requesting Rylie come to speak at their conference.

Rylie has a non-profit foundation through which she hosts fundraisers to help children with severe medical conditions cover expenses. The next one is at Nicola's Pizza on November 30th from 5-9pm.