(Rehoboth, Del.) -After decades a book has been returned to the Rehoboth Library thanks to Lee Dunham.

"So I dropped it off Saturday night and I did not want to go the front desk," said Dunham.

Dunham had the book in storage for five years with some of her other collectibles. She just found the Adventures Of Huck Finn on Saturday.

"My dad probably checked it out and I think it was 1972 and he was a senior in High School at the time at Seaford High and he was lifeguard at the beach that summer and unfortunately he died a few years ago but he probably checked it out for a book report and along those lines,"said Dunham.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is the first book at the Rehoboth Beach Library to be overdue a record number of 16,875 days".

Even though the book is overdue a late fee would have cost 1,600 dollars Dunham does not have to pay that amount.

The Rehoboth Beach Library Director Alison Miller said in the next upcoming weeks the book will be back on the bookshelf at the Rehoboth Library in the T section in the Juvenile or Teen section.