(DEWEY BEACH, Del.) - A wave of pink rolls over Dewey Beach annually during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Around 3,000 people dressed head to toe in the color walk and run through the town, raising awareness and funds for the disease whether they are directly impacted by it or not.

Dewey Goes Pink consists of a 5-K and mile-and-a-half long walk. It was started 8 years ago by two local business owners.

Steve "Monty" Montgomery, owner of the Starboard, and Adam Howard, Owner of the Body Shop in Rehoboth founded this event after being inspired by their mothers' battles with breast cancer. Monty says, "Dewey Goes Pink is something my buddy Adam Howard and I started 8 years ago. I lost my mother to breast cancer but she survived for 25 years so this was something we talked about to celebrate all the advancements in breast cancer research, things like that. Adam owns the Body Shop in Rehoboth. His mother is currently battling breast cancer. We decided we have local businesses here at the beach. Let's use our businesses to do some good in Sussex County."

"My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and so was Monty's mom. We decided to bring our forces together and start Dewey Goes Pink. We run up along Silver Lake in downtown Rehoboth and then we go to route 1 and loop back around the Starboard," Howard tells WRDE.

100% of the proceeds stay locally in Sussex County, benefitting the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition. Connie Holdridge, Program Manager of Education and Survivorship explains what the funds are used for. "We use all of that money in Sussex County to do our programs, to reach out to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, to help them walk the walk, to do programs like our cancer conversation programs, our peer mentoring programs, our nurture with nature."

Dewey Goes Pink has been getting bigger each year and it is raising around $100,000 a year now. That means that over the last 8 years, it has raised roughly $500,000 for the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition.