(LEWES, Del.) -Safety is the top priority for the Lewes Public Works as they repair a broken switch. When the clock strikes midnight on October 15th in Lewes the power is going out for four straight nights for five hours. The General Manager for the Lewes Public works Darrin Gordon said the outage was needed.

"The reason for the outage is that the contractor will not work when the lines are hot and if they did work when the lines are hot there is a chance that there could be death or harm to the workers and they said this outage must happen," said Gordon.

The power outage will happen in the city limits to any residents on the grid.

"If you are coming into town on Savannah road right up to the high school all the way to the beach and that is our service area for electric so that's the look and if you look at your electric bill and have electric with us you will be out of electricity," said Gordon.

Frank Salter said this outage is not a big deal.

"It is a necessity because if they did 24 hours there would be a lot of problems and half of the people will be asleep so it will not affect them," said Salter.

Gordon said during the power outage there will be more police patrolling and the traffic lights will be working.