(GEORGETOWN, Del.) -22 -year- old Clay Conaway was already facing rape charges that could put him behind bars for 15 years. He has been out on bond, but now he is facing even more charges of rape. The former Sussex Central Athlete and former University Of Delaware baseball pitcher Conaway was back in court on Thursday. Conaway was arraigned on new charges.His attorney Joe Hurley gave his view on the situation.

"There is a new complaint with six new charges and an alleged rape in the second degree and when that happens there is a raid at the house and a person is brought in for a bail hearing," said Hurley."The prosecution was kind of enough to contact me and indicate the new charges and today was an arraignment where there was a plea of not guilty on all new charges."

A secure bond was set at 240,000 and he was immediately incarcerated by order of Judge Richard Stokes.

The Attorney General's Office was contacted but declined to comment. Conaway's next court appearance will be scheduled for later October