(MILLSBORO, Del.) -There will be more motorists on the highway this Labor Day Weekend. The travelers are trying to enjoy the final days of summer. Ida M. Holder likes to avoid it.

"Leave early and do what I have to do and go back home before the traffic gets really busy," said Holder.

The Millsboro Police Chief Brian Calloway is offering some driving tips while people are traveling this weekend.

"Don't take shortcuts and slow down and wear your seat belt and stay off your cell phone again and just be patient," said Calloway.

Last year there were 4 crashes in the Millsboro area and this year there has been a total of 248. Calloway said inattentive driving is the cause of rear-end collisions.

"People don't realize that through a congested highway like Millsboro traffic will back up and people are not providing enough safe distance from another vehicle and we have minor collisions that way," said Calloway.

Ron Grahl has been driving for a rental company for years. He said there are a couple things that drivers should always do while on the road.

"Keep an eye on all your mirrors and you never know when someone will sneak up on your side and they cut you off so you have to be prepared for all that," said Grahl.

Calloway said this labor weekend to be careful, and aware of your neighbors in traffic.