(GEORGETOWN, Del.) - The Georgetown Police Department and Sergeant Joel Diaz are trying to raise more awareness about the growing Domestic Violence problem. They had 212 cases reported in one year.

"One thing we want to focus on is to speak out and reach out and we are here to help and we only know what reported to us so we are here to provide any assistance whether it is the agency or directing them into the right direction," said Diaz.

The Georgetown Police Department are focusing on properly training their officers and give them the tools to better assist victims or survivors with domestic violence.

'I try to convey to them that the message is to be sympathetic and empathetic and compassionate and we focus on trust-based relationships with the community," said Diaz.

Mayira Reyes is the Victim Service Coordinator with the Georgetown Police Department and she sit downs with the victims and listens to their needs.

"They have not had power since it has been stripped from them so a big part of trying to help them towards recovery is trying to instill that confidence back in them," said Reyes.

"Also, to guide them through the criminal and civil justice system because for most of them this is the first time that they have gone through this and that they have come forward to report it so certainly they do not know what to do or where to go and that is where we go."

Reyes said domestic violence does not discriminate against race, age, gender, and ethnicity and it can happen to anyone.

"The most common violence is physical, also sexual violence, there is emotional, mental abuse, violent situations as well and financial abuse," said Reyes.