(LEWES, Del.)- The lack of convenient parking in Lewes has been a problem for awhile as thousands come the beach for the weekend.The city has formed a committee to address the situation and the Lewes Deputy Mayor Fred Beaufait is leading it.

"The population in this area is growing and the number of people coming to Lewes for summer vacation and weekends are growing,"said Beaufait.

We have far reaches our capacity in terms for providing for parking,'said Beaufait.

The City Council has received plenty of feedback from its residents. they will be considering many of the options.One of those would be removing the sand dunes and adding 100 extra spaces right next to the current beach parking lot.

"There are pros and cons about adding additional parking to the beach and we are trying to make sure we understand what those are before we start analyzing the issue ,"said Beaufait.