(REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.)- Parking is usually hard to come by in Rehoboth Beach, but this year locals and visitors alike are finding an abundance of spaces to choose from right along the avenue.

Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Carol Everheart says that she's been getting reports of some businesses not doing as well as they did this time last year. "The weather has had something to do with that but I think also there's been a perception, real or imagine, that there's a lack of parking and that is possibly having an impact."

People aren't only worried about not finding parking, they're worried about the increasing rates. It now costs $2 per hour to leave your car in a metered slot. The Chamber of Commerce also has gotten feedback on the lack of uniformity in the meters."Some of the meters you can park for an extended time, some you cannot, some take a credit card, some do not. So we see that confusion happening and we will receive complaint about that which we pass onto the city," Everhart says. She also acknowledges that hotel and motel occupancy rates remain flat.

Realestate Broker, Bill Lingo agrees, saying the same thing about rentals in the overall area. However, he does notice fewer in-town visitors. "I think that we have less landlords because they can now afford to own their properties so they are not renting which stops some of the congestion but I would also have to say that I've seen more parking this summer on the avenue than there has been in the past," Lingo says.

Finn's Hospitality Group Director of Operations remains confident with their new establishment, El Jefe Gordo, opening at the end of June. "One of the biggest draws of Rehoboth is which Rehoboth itself and the culinary scene in Rehoboth and Sussex County have worked really hard to promote is that we have such a great plethora of restaurants, different varieties, different chefs, it really is a kind of a mini food meca," says Briana Rovinskie.

The City of Rehoboth wants to make sure people like it here and come back. it wants vistors to fill out a survey on their boardwalk experience. That survey can be found right on the city's Facebook page.