(REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.) - Hoda Kotb from the Today Show is no stranger to Rehoboth Beach. Her mother Sami has a home here and she's been in town on vacation before. She took time out of her vacation today to sign copies of her latest book, "I've Loved You Since Forever."

Hoda claims that the line outside of The Today Show has nothing on the line outside of Browseabout Books. Fans of Hoda, especially parents and children, stood in a line that all through the store and came out on Rehoboth Avenue.

Before the signing even began, all 500 copies that were ordered for this event had sold out. "I've Loved You Since Forever is a picture book inspired by the adoption of Hoda's little girl Haley."

Hoda tells WRDE: "I wrote the book "I've Loved You Since Forever" after I adopted Haley and I think anyone with a child or anyone who's loved something a lot whatever it is knows that feeling. It's like you've loved that person before you could see them, before you could touch them, before you could hold them, and you know what that love feels like. All of a sudden it comes true and then you're holding it in your arms and it's real. I feel like I've loved Haley way before she was born. I just knew in my heart that she lived there. The book is kind of about that. It's about falling in love and staying in love."

Store Owner Steve Crane notes that in this small town everyone knows everyone and that having Hoda at Browseabout is like having an old friend over for a visit. "It's not like it's a famous author you sign up for something, just a good friend of mine," Steve says.

Former Vice President Joe Biden can often be seen around Rehoboth Beach and today he stopped in to give Hoda a bouquet of hydrangeas.

Hoda's mom Sami knows both Biden and Crane well. She's been frequenting Browseabout for years and she's always happy to have her daugter in town. "She comes all the time. I go there to New York all the time and if she has a weekend she drops by in Old Town Alexandria where I live."

Hoda listened to everyone who came to share their story. She signed books and stopped for pictures and selfies for nearly three hours until the end of the line had passed through.