(LEWES, Del.) - Despite the heavy rainfall that came with the thunderstorms, lightning was still able to ignite a couple of house fires in Lewes. The Lewes Fire Department responded to 3 house fires, one gas leak, and another smoke alarm all before 1:00pm.

In Wolfe Runne lightning struck and fire got into the gas line at one home. A gas leak was reported shortly after in the same neighborhood. Another fire resulted from lightning in Briarwood Estates. The Lewes Fire Department also responded to the smoke alarm sounding at Home Depot.

WRDE was on the scene in Wolfe Runne shortly after the Lewes, Rehoboth, and Indian River Fire Departments responded. Homeowner Ellie Mayhew was home when she heard the lightning strike. She grabbed her pets and evacuated immediately. She says she called 911 and 5 minutes later fire trucks were rolling in to the rescue. Hoses laid scattered around the road to Ellie's home but she noted that this incident was mostly smoke and there weren't many flames to put out.

The Deputy Fire Chief of Lewes notes that hot and dry summers often lead to lightning storms like this one and that it's common for firefighters to be busy responding to calls regarding fires that occur as result of lightning.

This summer is predicted to be a hot and dry one and more lightning could strike the ground. The Lewes Fire Department told me that if you see lightning strike your house, be sure to check the area to make sure nothing catches on fire.