(GEORGETOWN, Del.) - Sussex Central High School is evaluated for the first time ever as a tier 3 emergency shelter. That means that this operations-based exercise aims to determine if the school can hold a higher capacity and provide more medical services than in the past when it was deemed a tier 2.

The Division of Public Health Office of Preparedness says that they have a new mass-care plan with new positions including one for a shelter manager.

Actors from local community groups to participate in drills like this. They're given assignments to perform throughout the day to test staff on a variety of issues that could arise. Upon entering they sign in with the American Red Cross to determine if they need any medical services or if they should go straight to the dormitory.

Sheltering is even provided for domestic pets. This includes veterinary care, a place to walk dogs outside, food and water, and even an emotional support animal.

The Red Cross provides meals and the Division of Public Health provides medical staff, but refugees are still asked to bring all of their things with them including bedding, medicine, and pet food.

In the event of a real emergency, Sussex Central may not always be the location residents are told to evacuate to. That all depends on the path of the storm and the decision is up to local emergency managers.

Lessons learned from this drill will be added to existing emergency plans and used to develop future ones.