(SEAFORD, Del.) - It may not be an Olympic year, but that doesn't mean that members of our community aren't in the summer game spirit. Seniors from across the Mid-Atlantic Region gather at the Seaford Manner House for the event deemed, "OlympiActs".

Acts Retirement-Life Communities hosts OlympiActs annually. It's a way to get the retired citizens back in the game and to get them feeling like kids again. The third year of the games came to the Manor House in Seaford. The event itself helps make use of the community's fitness program and it helps get the residents up on their feet.

OlympiActs in the Mid-Atlantic Region incorporates seven communities from Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and New Jersey. Three of those communities are in Delaware. Nearly 100 participants compete in Bocce Ball, Pool Biathalon, Walking Relay, Billiards, Wii Bowling, orTotal Brain Health Games. Cheerleaders tag along to whichever events they wish to view.

Competitors range in age from 62 to 100. They come together from 4 regions in the eastern and southern part of the United States to compete in events like this each year.

The games are a great way to get everyone involved in their community. With good competition comes team bonding, comradeship, and encouraging others.

Taking their events seriously, competitors practice throughout the year. A new team was added to the roster leading up to competition day. The Evergreens came all the way from Moorestown, New Jersey.

With 23 communities in 9 states, Acts serves 10,000 residents. This makes it one of the largest not for profit retirement communities in the country.

An opportunity also lies in which OlympiActs can promote the Seaford community to those visiting for the games.

Winning certainly isn't the point of these games. Acts Retirement-Life Communities looks forward to bringing the senior community back together for next year's event.