(Wilmington, Del.) -Autism Delaware biggest fundraiser is the Drive For Autism Golf Tournament. This event happened on Thursday at the Dupont Country Club. The chairmen of the event is Artie Kempner.

"Anytime you can play golf and raise money is a good time," said Kempner.That is what really has driven the drive for autism because they want to meet those drivers and meet the Bubba Wallaces and the Kasey Kahne and Aric Almirola," said Kempner.

This year was the 17th annual Drive For Autism Event. The organization was trying to raise $400,000 to help fund the different programs that the organization provides.

"The most important is when a child becomes an adult all those services have to be coordinated and they are limited services and those services have to coordinate in a way that is really difficult for families so Autism Delaware coordinate those services and we create those services that those families need to help them with social and community experiences,"said Kempner.

Almirola has been coming for many years and said it was important to him to attend the "Drive For Autism" Golf Tournament again this year.

"You know there is so much that goes into creating awareness for autism and trying to find a cure," said Almirola.