(Seaford, Del) -On Tuesday night some of the Seaford Community marched down the streets of Seaford. Their objective was to seek justice for nine-year-old Germani Truitt, who was killed in a hit and run two weeks ago. Seaford Mayor David Genshaw said he proud of how the Seaford police department dealt with the situation.

"We reacted the best we could and again in a short notice and we pulled together the right people to make sure everyone was taken care and everybody was safe and the march went fine,"said Genshaw.

Brenda Corsey didn't march on Tuesday night but is outraged 21-year-old Dwayne McConnell, the suspect in the hit and run, is not locked up.

"But I don't think that is fair because if he was of color he would have never had a bail and he got up and ran and killed somebody," said Corsey."They should have kept him in jail until his trial comes up".

Mc Connell was arrested, then freed on unsecured bond. The new police chief Rob Kracyla said why he was let on unsecured bond.

"The bond process has been changed and what they are trying to do is get away from cash bonds or offenders unless there is a proven history with the suspect and the defendant that is involved so it will be encumbered on the judicial system," said Kracyla.

Dan Southern from the Church Of God in Seaford offered some comforting words to the family.

"My heart goes out to the family to the young girl and no one ever wants that to happen in their community but when it does happen things of this sort we need to make sure this does not drive our community apart but pulls us together," said Southern.