(DOVER, Del.) - Lt. Governor Hall-Long, Representative Trey Paradee, and Senator Margaret Rose Henry announced legislation designed to ban the sale of powdered alcohol in Delaware. Passage of House Bill 372 would add Delaware to the list of other states and jurisdictions that have already enacted a ban on such substances.

"Powdered alcohol products requiring only the addition of water pose a potentially serious public health hazard," said Lt. Governor Hall-Long, who also chairs Delaware's Behavioral Health Consortium. "It could be disastrous, especially for our underage populations. The ease with which the powdered alcohol can be concealed or transported would have a particular appeal to them."

"Alcohol is already the leading drug for teenagers to abuse," said Representative Trey Paradee. "A key focus of fighting the addiction epidemic and saving lives is preventing our kids from having easy access to drugs and alcohol. Products like this only make it easier for kids to conceal and consume."

The American Medical Association (AMA) recognizes the dangers of powdered alcohol as well. In an earlier release, they called for the nationwide ban of the substance, citing alcohol as the "most widely used substance of abuse among America's young people." Adding to the danger of this product is its high likelihood of being misused. Powdered alcohol can be improperly inhaled, ingested, or mixed with additional alcoholic beverages.

In total, more than 35 jurisdictions have already recognized the harm this poses and have taken measures to ban the substance.

"Irresponsible or excessive use of alcohol kills more Americans than any drug except tobacco," said Senate Majority Leader Margaret Rose Henry. "Selling alcohol in a powdered form makes it far too easy to conceal, misuse, and abuse. It should be banned, not just to protect young people, but to protect everyone who's put at risk by just one person's irresponsibility."