(GEORGETOWN, Del.) - The Cheer Community Center in Georgetown was the place to be today.

The center had its annual spring craft and hobby show today, where people showcased and sold their books, art, knit clothing and more. the perfect place for a big spender.

But the money being raised today had a serious purpose. The Cheer Center is trying raise over three million dollars for its capital campaign for a new kitchen so they can continue feeding the elderly.

"I wouldn't want to go to a senior's house and say look we just can't serve you anymore because our kitchen is broke down," says Walter Koopman, a Cheer representative.

So, 42 vendors stepped up to help their goods many made by hand.

"Oh yes, homemade. If you look around this room and you see the ducks over there all hand carved," Koopman said.

The vendors know how much the elderly depend on the Cheer Center.

"It means the world to the seniors to have an event like this where the money goes strictly to the meals on wheels for seniors so at least they have one what meal per day," said Wanda Payne, a vendor.

"The meals on wheels. I believe they reach I believed they said 1700 people a day. That's a lot and obviously, it's local so it stays in the local community," said Jean Cane, a local vendor.

As the senior population continues to grow in our area, the Cheer Center knows the value of what they do.