(SUSSEX COUNTY, Del.) - When you live close to the beach it is pretty easy to get there. And according to health experts, that's a good thing.

"Being out in nature is kind of healing for a lot of people," says Dr. Margaret Goodwin, a psychologist at Cedar Tree Medical in Millsboro.

The peace your mind feels at the beach is referred to as 'blue space'.

Health experts say blue space can also lower stress, reduce depression, heighten creativity, and cause you to look at life in a different way.

"It's just fun; there's stimulation. It's just fun to watch different people doing different things," says Dr. Goodwin.

Avid beach-goers, Jamie and Jodie West, bring their dog twice a day.

"It is relaxing. And it helps our dog. Makes her less anxious," Jamie tells WRDE.