(REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.) - If you didn't know any better you would think it was summertime on the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk

With temperatures in the upper 50's, the atmosphere on the boardwalk was resurrected,

People were relaxing, and even hitting the sand, at least for a day.

"Most of the time when the weather is like this you'll have lot o people walking on the beach with their dogs and sitting of the beach, getting the sun rays and stuff," said Ricky Hanks of Smyrna.

It was a much different scene on Delmarva than earlier this month.

"We had 13 inches (of snow) two weeks ago here. I couldn't even get on my house," one resident said.

But today people are out and were hungry. Dolle's taffy shop is one of local businesses profiting from the spring fling.

"Probably double what we've been doing all week, yeah so far yep," a Dolle's manager said.

For this Milford family, today was a chance for a brand new experience.

"We wanted to get her excited about the beach. This will be her first year she can go in the ocean. We wanted to introduce her early," said Brian Shupe.

And when the weather is this good, even the snow geese enjoy it.

"Warmth is coming. I think February we are gonna have some warm weather too," one resident said.

Unfortunately, summer is over five months away but the people out here don't care about that. they are enjoying this sneak peak while it lasts.