(Lewes, Del) - The Flu is a big problem across the country so people on Delmarva are trying not get it.Besides, getting a Flu shot there are other ways you can try to stop it.

Nutritionist Robin Hayes said there are many types of foods that could help an individual from getting the Flu.

"And in terms of food there are many types of foods you should look at berries and produce that will be easy on your stomach.But things that will give you Vitamin C and Zinc are important and you can get that by eating lean meats like zinc," said Hayes.

Betty Ann Tosi has favorite foods she eats to try to not get the Flu.

"I eat a lot of fruit and primarily oranges and a lot of citrus fruit and a lot of vegetables, fruit, and fish," said Tosi.

Hayes said to avoid getting sick an individual should wash their hands frequently and wipe down your phone.

Hayes said there is one object that a person should avoid when out in a crowd.

"Pens are the best way when you go to a restaurant and you sign a bill or something when can quickly pick something up," said Hayes.

Lewes Resident Larry Vincent said he gets concerned with one thing that people do when he is out in public.

"But I am astounded when we are out and who just cough out in the air," said Vincent.