(LAUREL, De)-On Saturday the 5th Annual Health Fair was held at the Laurel Middle and High School to promote being healthier.

Marketing Director Sharon Harrington said there are several ways to maintaining a healthy lifestyle like eating a healthy diet, exercising, and getting your screenings.

Harrington mentioned living a healthy lifestyle is social as well as enjoyment. Harrington said bringing in an athlete like Washington Redskins wide receiver Jamison Crowder adds more fun to the event.

Crowder said it was essential for him to be at this health fair.

"To show everyone that I am interested in learning about health skills and different things to become a healthier person that I can maybe take and put it in my life or add it to a family members life, "said Crowder.

Several families got to meet Crowder one-on-one through the Nanticoke Grant A Wish program. The program gave the opportunity to five kids that are going through challenging times.

James Houston brought his son Braedon Houston who had a heart transplant almost two years ago.

"It is a blessing to still have our kids but for him to show his support is a beautiful thing," said Houston.

Crowder said he was so appreciative to be able to share a couple of moments with the young kid.

"It is a blessing he is doing well, doing, and so glad he could get a chance to meet me as well as I could meet him, "said Crowder.

Crowder had a great time signing autographs and talking with everyone at the event. The former Duke wide receiver said he wants to come back to the Health Fair in the near future.