(PHILADELPHIA, Pa.) - Delegates from across Delmarva kick off their week at the Democratic National Convention.

Mitch Crane, Chairman of the Sussex County Democratic Committee, says he's ready for change. "I'm excited to hear a positive message on a vision for America, and a plan for acheiving that vision."

Thousands of delegates hope to make their history this week, including Donna Whiteside.

"Little old Sussex County is about to see what being a democrat really means, and that's really exciting."

Meanwhile, in Maryland, Salisbury University student, Amanda Jackson, fund-raised her way all the way to Philadelphia. "I put up a 'Go Fund Me' and I had one person donate three hundred dollars. I did not think I would get all five hundred, but in about three days, all five hundred was funded."

Despite differences among candidates, Cambridge Mayor, Victoria Jackson-Stanley, thinks that unity will ultimately prevail. "The differences in opinions still don't take away the fact that we are united as a party, we want to unify this country, and move in a positive direction."

The week's events culminate in Hilary Clinton's acceptance speech on Thursday.