(REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.)- Beebe Healthcare thanks the Rehoboth Beach Fire Department rescue team who responded to a call at Tunnell Cancer Center recently. The team members at Tunnell noticed a duck quacking loudly around a storm drain to the rear of the facility. Upon investigation, team members saw several ducklings in the drain.

The rescue team responded and was able to save most of the ducklings. The responders included Ted Doyle, Jesse Imhoff, Fire Chief Chatham Marsch, Connor Satchell, Leonard Tylecki, Captain Vaughn McCabe, and Safety Officer Howard Blizzard.

"We don't have many animal rescue calls," said Fire Chief Chatham Marsch. "Most storm drains are pretty deep and the grates are heavy to lift, so people should call the fire department or someone who will be wearing protective gear to go down in the drain."

Thanks to the Rehoboth Beach Fire Department for all they do!